2016-2017 Annual Campaign

Welcome to the seventh year of the AAPLE Academy!  Our children are a part of a truly remarkable program.
AAPLE continues to have a deep positive impact on our students’ high school experience, providing challenging academics while developing true growth in leadership and service.  In addition, AAPLE has a perfect score for its students in acceptance to four-year colleges and continues to distinguish itself as a premier program drawing the best and brightest to San Marcos High School. 
Thanks to the support of our families, local foundations, and corporations, we have reached our funding goals each year. (Unfortunately, the Santa Barbara School District simply does not have the resources to finance all aspects of the Academy.)  Our goal this year is to raise $165,000 from our 132 families to sustain our Academy and to continue to provide the events and activities which ensure the Academy’s success.  In addition to your support, the Board continues to expand our fundraising efforts to foundations and corporations, which already include Mosher, Williams Corbett, Alice Tweed Tuohy, and Deckers Corporation. Since many of these organizations require a high participation rate from families before donating, every gift matters, large or small. Whatever amount you are able to give, know that all gifts are used for program costs, which benefit every AAPLE student. These costs include:
  • Program  & Student Enrichment
  • Team Building Overnights
  • Leadership Events  & Activities
  • Community Service Programs
  • Technology and Facilities
  • Core Elements, Counseling, Administrative Support
Any contribution you make is completely voluntary and not a prerequisite for participating in the Academy. All contributions are tax deductible, and in many cases employers will double your donation with a company match, so please inquire at your workplace.
We have secured donors that will contribute $5,000 to each class that reaches 100% participation. We ask that you please join us in giving to our Academy, which provides so much to our children and families.
Should you have any questions, or if you would like additional information, please feel free to contact any of the Board members.  We have listed the Annual Fund Team’s contact information below.
Thank you, in advance, for your continued support of AAPLE.  Our collective contributions will make this program the learning experience of a lifetime for our children. 
Arick Fuller     |     Sharon Goldberg, MD     |     Krista Frohling
Annual Fund Committee                                                                 
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